Meditation- Holdvölgy winery

Hard rhyolite tuff and their residues, and rich in microelements.

Type- white, dry

Wine region - Tokaj

Winemaker- Holdvölgy Winery

HOLDVÖLGY has been awarded Best Winery Award from the Hungarian Sommelier Association in 2019.

More information

Wine: Meditation
Vintage: 2019
Variety: Furmint
Wine region Tokaj
Vineyard: Király
Soil type: Soil of good water retention, made of red ferrous oxide with high argil content, hard rhyolite tuff and their residues, and rich in microelements.
Method of viticulture: sustainable, hand-picked
Harvest time:  szept.19
Method of vinification: Direct pressing, fermented and aged in barrel for 5 months
Method of ageing (barrel-type, time...):  5 months in barrel
Classical / biodynamical / organic ? Classical
Alcohol content: % 14
Acidity (in tartaric acid): g/l 6,7
Residual sugar: g/l 8,5
Extract (sugar free): g/l 17,9
Closure method: Cork
Tasting note: Fifth release of a parcel selected Furmint from the historical first growth Király. On the nose spicy pear and lots of citrus along an exciting duo of green apples and cedar.
The sip is endless, green apple is completed with passion fruit, lime and some pink grapefruit. A firm and serious balance in this crystal-clear, carefully selected Furmint.
Awards: Meditation 2018: GOLD MEDAL - 25th Berliner Wein Trophy 2021

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