Balassa Winery, Tokaj

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The boutique Balassa winery was established in 2005 by Istvan Balassa in the historic Tokaj wine region. Right from the beginning, Istvan, a perfectionist, has been determined to produce only the highest-quality wines possible by maximising the potential of each vintage. It all starts with growing grapes of outstanding quality, applying a rigorous approach to cultivation. Each wine is then created using artisanal wine-making methods, highlighting the unique characteristics of the grape, the vineyard and the terroir.

Frittmann Winery, Kunság

The multi-generational Frittmann winery is run by brothers János and István, who carry on the family winemaking tradition in the Great Plain in southern Hungary. They have achieved the two most prestigious national wine recognitions, becoming Winemaker of the Year in 2007 and Winery of the Year in 2015. Focusing their production on the highest-quality indigenous grape varieties of the area, they also offer wines made from international varieties, such as this Cabernet Franc. 

Hernyák Winery, Etyek 

The Hernyák family moved to Etyek in 1993, and they were soon engrossed by the regions viticultural heritage. Initially helping their neighbours at harvest time, they fell in love with the rich tradition of wine-making. The initial ‘artisan’ approach is now complemented by the latest technologies, while still aiming to retain a natural, family flair to it. Their goal is to establish a sustainable winery, where WIFI and ladybugs co-exist, where work is carried out by modern machinery next to good old elbow grease. It was the natural next step for the family to change over to organic methods of cultivation, respecting both the flora and fauna of their seven-hectare estate. By working in harmony with nature and not against it, Hernyák wines are made from the finest hand-picked grapes, bringing you an honest and authentic taste of this unique region. 

St. Andrea Winery, Eger 

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The philosophy of the family-owned, multi-award-winning St. Andrea winery is to create expressive wines of character by combining a traditional approach with modern winemaking methods. Their main focus is on indigenous varieties while paying the utmost attention to the uniqueness of individual terroirs and vineyards. By putting their heart and soul into crafting each bottle, the father-and-son team at St. Andrea is providing you with wines of outstanding quality that reflect the great potential of the Eger region.

Tokajicum Winery, Tokaj 

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The Tokajicum Winery is situated in the historical wine region of Tokaj, renowned for its white wines, but especially its unique Late Harvest and Aszu dessert wines. The winery cultivates grapes on 20 hectares of prime location land, with vines that are 40 years or older, producing wines of real character with a high mineral content.

Tóth Ferenc Winery, Eger - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Ferenc Tóth's winery is a true family enterprise, with multiple generations working hand in hand to provide you with wines that further enhance the reputation of the Eger region in northern Hungary. The driving force behind it all is Ferenc Tóth himself, a multiple award-winning oenologist born and raised locally and known as the ‘ambassador’ of the indigenous Kadarka grape. Under his guidance, the whole estate is working passionately to create wines of real character that will make any occasion special.

Vesztergombi Winery, Szekszárd 

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The Vesztergombi family looks back on a centuries-old tradition of winemaking in the region around Szekszárd in southern Hungary, where the River Danube meanders between rolling hills and fertile valleys. This scenic setting provides the perfect conditions for growing red grapes with character. The Vesztergombi winery was re-established in 1991, resurrecting the long-held family tradition. Its first Bikavér (Bull's Blood) was released in 1993, the year when founder Ferenc Vesztergombi was awarded the prestigious “Winemaker of the Year” title in Hungary. Today, with three generations working together in the business, the winery continues to produce outstanding red wines that authentically reflect the unique terroir of the Szekszárd region.

Attila Winery, Eger

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Attila Vámos is a winemaker like few other. He espouses a completely natural approach, one without the use of modern technology, letting the grapes do the talking. He has no employees and relies on the help of his friends and family in the vineyard, but the combination of so much loving care and strict yield controls ensure that each perfectly ripe grape is bursting with the volcanic minerality of the Eger region. The wines are made from pure grape juice, without even the use of a mechanical press, before being naturally vinified for an unadulterated taste of the terroir.


Kiss Gábor Winery, Villány

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Gábor Kiss is at the forefront of a new approach to winemaking in Villány. This warm climate region is typically known for its for its heavy, high-alcohol red wines shrouded by a heavy cloud of oak, but through minimal intervention in both viticulture and vinification, Gábor showcases the balance and elegance inherent in his carefully cultivated grapes. The result of his fresh take on this traditional area is an unadulterated taste of the real Villány terroir in every bottle.

Bolyki Winery, Eger 

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

János Bolyki is a first-generation winemaker at the vanguard of a new wave of dynamic young wine professionals, offering a youthful take on classic Hungarian wines. In his Eger winery, located in an abandoned stone quarry with the cellars carved straight into the rock, he produces a range of red and white wines which evoke the character and rich minerality of this unique terroir. For a refreshing taste of Eger, look no further than a bottle of Bolyki.

Bukolyi Winery, Eger 

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The Bukolyi family winery was established 15 years ago by husband-and-wife pair Marcell and Lilla. They cultivate traditional varieties over 14-hectares, located on the southern slopes of the Grand Cru Nagy-Eged hill, on the only 100% organic vineyard of the Eger wine region. The family oversee the grapes’ entire journey from vine to bottle, including hand-harvesting of healthy and ripe berries, as well as gentle vinification using minimal intervention. A small, family-sized cellar serves as the focal point of the vineyards, where they make the unique chalky and volcanic terroir come alive in every drop.

Szent Gaál Winery, Szekszárd

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Centered around a baroque-style chateau, the Szent Gaál winery encompasses 23 hectares of prime vineyards across three parcels, each with its own unique character. Traditional red grape varieties are cultivated in areas most suited to their temperament, benefiting from the variety of soil types and subtle differences in micro-climate present throughout the Szekszárd wine region. Under the careful supervision of female winemaker Ilona Posevitz, the grapes are harvested by hand and vinified using traditional methods, creating approachable wines which bring the warmth and kindness of the region and its people to your table.

Lantos Winery - Kunság Wine Region

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The multi-generational Lantos winery was established in 2009, cultivating on traditional Hungarian grape varieties over 20 hectares of vineyards inherited from the grandparents. The entire family is involved, each overseeing a different stage from grape-growing to wine-making. The result of their careful, environmentally friendly approach ensures that the beauty of the wine region is reflected in every glass.

Holdvölgy, Tokaj

HOLDVÖLGY's dedication and professionalism has been acknowledged through awards at numerous international wine competitions, the Estate's wines are available at some of the world’s most prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants. Their 6 puttonyos aszú, CULTURE 2012 has won a platinum medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2019 in London, with 98 points, and also the dry estate selection, VISION 2017 has been awarded a gold medal at the 2019 DWWA with 95 points, just like its previous vintages.
HOLDVÖLGY has been awarded Best Winery Award from the Hungarian Sommelier Association in 2019.

Dobosi, Balaton felvidék

A Dobosi család 1721-ig tudott visszamenni, hogy azóta folxamatosan Szentantalfán él, ahol szőlővel és borral keresi a kenyerét. Ma 25 hektáron termel bio szőlőt és készít belőle bort. A szocializmus végén Dobosi Dániel és Ilona fogta (7. generáció) újra össze a birtokot. Ma 2 fivál közösen vezetik a birtokot.

Steigler, Soproni borvidék

Pincészetünk két karizmatikus, a természetesség-hagyományok-minőség hármasságát fő vezérlőelvnek tekintő ember, Lőrinczy Bálint tulajdonos és Varga Tamás borász vállán nyugszik. Családunkban mindig is jelen volt a minőségi bor tisztelete. Őseim több száz éve készítettek bort ezen a vidéken, majd a történelem viharai nyomán közel 100 év kimaradt. Egyre jobban érdekelt, hogy ezt a hagyományt felélesszem, újra gomboljam így született meg a Steigler Pince, és a Steigler organikus borászat.”

Figula Winery

The family-run Figula Winery was established in 1993, with the vineyard on the south-eastern slopes overlooking the scenic Lake Balaton. On an estate of 30 hectares, winemaker Mihály Figula is cultivating indigenous grapes which are uniquely suited to the micro-climate, as well as universally popular varieties, to showcase the versatility of the region. His rigorous approach resulted in success at both the national and international stage, while Mihály was also awarded the prestigious “Winemaker of the Year” title in 2019.